A Village Hall Wedding in Manchester

A gorgeous village-fete inspired wedding to share with you today! Think bunting, hog roasts, bales of hay, Pimms, strawberries & cream, and of course- that game where you throw fluffy balls at each other & attempt to catch them on gloves made from Velcro. Great days!

I’m used to being around happy couples enjoying the best day of their lives but with Claire & Chris, the joy was completely infectious. It was such a pleasure to be involved with this wedding, my face was aching from smiling all day long! These two made my job incredibly easy, just by being themselves. You can see their adoration for each other in every frame.

I’m not going to ramble on for too long here, I’ll let the photographs do the talking. I hope you enjoy this small selection of images, and if I don’t see you over the festive period- have a wonderful Christmas!

Chris & Claire_016

Chris & Claire_014

Chris & Claire_011

Chris & Claire_005

Chris & Claire_032

Chris & Claire_062

Chris & Claire_051

Chris & Claire_092

Chris & Claire_083

Chris & Claire_099

Chris & Claire_097

Chris & Claire_111

Chris & Claire_107

Chris & Claire_113


Chris & Claire_120

Chris & Claire_123

Chris & Claire_103

Chris & Claire_129

Chris & Claire_153

Chris & Claire_156

Chris & Claire_159

Chris & Claire_164

Chris & Claire_168

Chris & Claire_165

Chris & Claire_175

Chris & Claire_138

Chris & Claire_148

Chris & Claire_130

Chris & Claire_177

Chris & Claire_189

Chris & Claire_230

Chris & Claire_206

Chris & Claire_216

Chris & Claire_219

Chris & Claire_225

Chris & Claire_239

Chris & Claire_263

Chris & Claire_325

Chris & Claire_323

Chris & Claire_321

Chris & Claire_284

Chris & Claire_277

Chris & Claire_282

Chris & Claire_327

Chris & Claire_329

Chris & Claire_335

Chris & Claire_339

Chris & Claire_358

Chris & Claire_357

Chris & Claire_361

Chris & Claire_362

Chris & Claire_570

Chris & Claire_572

Chris & Claire_573

Chris & Claire_418

Chris & Claire_391

Chris & Claire_424











Chris & Claire_527

Chris & Claire_436

Chris & Claire_437

Chris & Claire_536

Chris & Claire_553

Claire & Chris-543

Chris & Claire_548

Chris & Claire_549

Chris & Claire_563

Chris & Claire_567

Chris & Claire_645

Chris & Claire_581

Chris & Claire_582

Chris & Claire_593

Chris & Claire_603

Chris & Claire_609

Chris & Claire_610

Woodford Village Hall Wedding Photography by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher

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