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A Vik Beach Engagement in Iceland
EngagementVik Beach Iceland // Beatrix & Ee

A Vik Beach Engagement in Iceland


An Adventure at the (Almost) Top of the World

Iceland. The island at the top of the world.

Steaming geysers, drifting icebergs, fuming volcanoes, thunderous waterfalls, and black lava beaches; a land of otherworldly wonder.

Many Icelanders believe that elvish creatures- huldufólk, or hidden folk- inhabit the harsh landscape. Gazing across the windswept wilderness and feeling the isolation, it’s easy to believe in the supernatural.

There’s nowhere quite as beautiful & bewitching as Iceland.

An Invitation

I was invited by my good friend and fellow photographer Steven Rooney to join him on this adventure. Steven had been commissioned to photograph the engagement of Beatrix & Ee. I’m not one to shy away from the role of glamorous assistant, especially one involving a journey to the land of fire and ice. I’m so grateful to Steven for bringing me along. Please visit his site to see more incredible images from this trip:

Icelandic Engagement Photography by Steven Rooney

Thank you again to Steven for the opportunity to join him, and to Beatrix & Ee Wei for being absolute Vikings at every frigid location.


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