When Alan Law created This is Reportage as a group to showcase & award proper documentary wedding photography, I jumped at the chance to join.

What is Reportage Photography?

This Is Reportage sums it up best: ‘If that moment would have happened even if you – the photographer – weren’t there, then it’s allowed’

I love this unscripted style of photography; even if I didn’t win anything, just going through the process of choosing individual images, refining the wedding day stories and basking in the reflected glory of the world’s best photographers would be sweet enough.

I actually did end up winning a bit!

I’m so happy to have finished the year joint 6th in This Is Reportage’s Top 30 Photographers of the Year 2018.

*confetti explosion*
*crowd cheers*


Ready for some honesty?

I don’t find reportage photography the easiest approach to shooting a wedding day. Shock.

Some people have an incredible gift; they seem to see the finished image in their mind before they’ve even pressed the shutter.

Not me!

I have to do it the hard way. Getting stuck in and working the scene till it bleeds. Going through dozens, hundreds, even thousands of shots that didn’t work out.

Nothing worthwhile is easy.

But isn’t it bloody brilliant when you get it!

Unposed Photography is Hard

It takes patience, commitment and dogged determination to base 99.9% of your work on unposed & unscripted moments.

Can you imagine that, rocking up to a wedding and not having an essential shot list four pages long?

Who are these maniacs?


Not quite, but we are constantly looking for something and not knowing what it is until we see it.

And when we finally DO see something, how do we make it compelling? How do we add that extra layer of magic when we’re not actively posing the subject?

Just because we’re NOT posing the subject, does that mean we can deliver half-assed rough & ready images because we think labeling it ‘documentary’ gets a free pass for laziness?

I’ve joked many times in various forums that modern photographers want to shoot documentary because they’re too idle to learn proper posing.

Relax, I’m only half-serious.

But I do think I need to look at my unposed work with complete honesty; yes, it’s a real moment, but have I done everything to capture it to the absolute best of my ability?

I keep asking myself that question.

Usually the answer is “NO lol, try harder n00b”

Keep questioning, keep testing, keep pushing, keep experimenting, keep striving!

Keep smiling 🙂

Anyway, enough rambling.

Here’s my This Is Reportage winning story from this year:

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