Andrew is a wedding ninja. He’s captured all these beautiful tender moments, but I swear I never saw him doing it!

A Super Fun Cliffside Wedding in South Wales, With Beards, Sunflowers, and Sheep

This summer wedding at the Barn at West Farm in South Wales was an absolute belter.

The sun was shining, the sea was calm, and the nearby cliffs were freaking me out (seriously, the cliffs are scary- they slope very gently, lulling you into a false sense of security, then start to get REAL steep, REAL fast).

It’s a really special location.

The Barn at West Farm is pretty far away from my home city of Liverpool but, as I tell all my couples, I love seeing new places and meeting new people, seeing how things are done at amazing wedding venues around the UK and beyond!

Plus I get to eat guilt-free motorway KFC on the trip home.

Sarah & Liam are two wonderful, crazy, giggling humans; I have mad love for them. I’m so happy their maid of honour has now booked me for her own wedding in South Wales so I’ll be GOING BACK, YEAH!!

Putting Your Own Stamp On The Barn At West Farm

So, what made you decide on the Barn at West Farm for your wedding? [not YOU, I’m talking to Sarah the bride now]

We chose the Barn at West Farm for our wedding because of the amazing clifftops and the view. It’s a secluded location so we could make it our own. We were allowed fireworks and this truly gave our wedding the grand finale.

It was also a working farm, and there’s nothing like sheep photo-bombing your wedding photos!

We wanted our wedding to be fun; there’s loads of space at West Farm so we had lawn games, space-hoppers, croquet, giant Jenga and more! With the sun shining and those views, how could you not fall in love with the venue!

We chose Andrew as our wedding photographer not just because he has an incredible eye, but a wonderful sense of humour. Liam and I never wanted fussy or awkward wedding shots, that’s just not us! 

Any words of advice to the thousands of couples viewing this wedding blog right now?

Thousands? We didn’t realise you were that popular, you said-

Just answer the question, Sarah. 

Don’t leave anything to the last minute. We ordered our wedding rings at the beginning of April and they only arrived 3 days before the wedding!

And a super tip for the brides- cough sweets!

You spend all day crying, talking, laughing, and at some point, you’ll get a sore throat! Cough sweets keep your voice going into the night.

We also chose very silly seating place tables-we found the funniest/ugliest photos of our guests; it was the ABSOLUTE best conversation starter! It immediately broke the ice and got everyone giggling. We also then used these photos for our snap book! I think most of the guests have forgiven us…

Most importantly, it’s your wedding day. You have to enjoy it and love every moment. I think people can get preoccupied trying to keep every single guest happy.

You’re not a jar of Nutella, you can’t please everyone!

Make it YOUR wedding– include all your silly inside jokes, things that make you smile alongside your absolute favourite people in the world.

Fabulous advice! What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

The best moment of my wedding is that I don’t have just one favourite.

I have dozens!

From the ceremony, the food, the games, having Liam’s sister as our incredible wedding band, the fireworks, the dance floor, seeing family I hadn’t seen in years how… could we choose!

What’s even better is that I have an incredible wedding gallery to bring these memories to life.

55 Awesome, No Fuss, Non-Awkward Wedding Photos at the Barn at West Farm

I’ve selected 55 Barn at West Farm wedding photos to showcase the awesome, no fuss philosophy I’ve adopted over the last few years. This is about people having the best day of their lives, without awkwardness or interference, where the couple gets to enjoy every moment of their day.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy the photographs!

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