I Am Not A Traditional Photographer

I am a ninja

OK, sadly I'm not an actual ninja. I'm an unobtrusive creative documentary wedding photographer with a love of light, moment and magic.

This means striving to be inconspicuous as possible, blending in with the background as you and your guests celebrate without worrying about the photography. My goal is to create authentic images that are stunning, meaningful and maybe even a bit silly without you ever knowing. 


bride and groom walking towards neon LOVE sign

The Misty Valley

Terry Pratchett once said his creative process when writing a book was like going on a journey across a valley of clouds.

"The valley is full of mist, but you can see the top of a tree here and the top of another tree over there. And with any luck you can see the other side of the valley. But you cannot see down into the mist. Nevertheless, you head for the first tree."

This is exactly how I feel about photographing a wedding!

I don't approach the day with a set plan or a shot list. My approach is to create a unique reflection of your day, no one else's. I'm heading into the mist.

My job at the wedding is to be all but invisible. You and your guests can enjoy this momentous, once-in-a-lifetime event in a real, honest and joyful way, and still have the best moments saved forever.

So if you're looking at a rigidly-organised shot list drawn up by a bored author writing for a mainstream bridal website, I'm not the photographer for you.

If you're looking for epic creativity and "OMG!" moments captured with minimum fuss, let me show you my work.

bride and groom walking iceland beach

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