Deep-fried and fresh on the blog today, a helping of Stationers Hall Wedding Photography to keep the wedding hunger at bay.


Wow! We’re speechless, again. You were EVERYWHERE and managed to capture it all. We’re so so pleased and so happy we had you with us.

Adam and Rupert got married at the historic Stationers Hall in London last autumn. It was a wonderful wedding with two of the loveliest, most genuine guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

The excitement before the wedding

I met the couple at a hotel a short distance from the wedding venue, and there was such a relaxed vibe. Adam wore a blue suit with a pink tie, and Rupert wore grey with a pale blue tie – they looked so dapper (as always, I was wearing whatever was clean).

I noticed an incredible glass walkway high above the hotel lobby area and suggested it could make an interesting photograph. Adam & Rupert were well up for it! Most of my wedding work is unposed documentary photography but I do love a cool portrait when the couple are keen ?

We then walked together to get to the wedding venue. We were blessed with the most incredible light and got even more cool portraits of the guys along the way!

A Stationers Hall Wedding

[history lesson] Who or what are the Stationers? The Stationers’ Company is a Livery Company. There are 110 of these in London. Each Livery represents a profession. They were first created by groups of tradesmen in the medieval times to protect and regulate their trades. Back then, most of the craftsmen traveled around to peddle their wares, but the manuscript writers concentrated in the area around St Paul’s Cathedral. There they set up stalls or ‘stations’, and gained the nickname ‘Stationers’. Their Guild was formed in 1403. Still with me?

The ambition of all City companies was to own a hall, and the Stationers were no exception. In 1606 the Stationers purchased Abergavenny House for £3,500 on the site of the present Hall.

400 years later and you can get married here! [/history lesson]

The Livery Hall Ceremony

The ceremony took place in a beautiful room inside Stationers Hall. The Livery Hall is just stunning. Gleaming oak flooring and carved paneling from the 1600’s together with huge stained-glass windows & colourful flags give this room an impressive ambience. The ceremony began with a choir performance and finished with a big cheer from everyone! It was a moving ceremony, full of smiles and so much love.

The Secret Garden at Stationers Hall

After the ceremony, we went down to the secret garden. This is a private & secluded space dominated by an enormous plane tree, a real hidden gem in a bustling city centre. After the confetti toss, the newlyweds mingled with their guests. I took relaxed photos as they enjoyed some outdoor speeches – the weather was all sunshine and blue skies; it was a beautiful day!

The Party

After the meal and speeches from Adam & Rupert, Rupert’s mum & Adam’s brother, (and the cutting of a very special cake with rainbow inside) everyone hit the dancefloor, and the party kicked off. The DJ played all the best songs to get everyone up & dancing. The wedding guests were having a whale of a time, and when YMCA came on the roof nearly came off ?

I loved this London wedding so much! Thank you to Adam & Rupert for having me along, and hopefully we’ll meet up for a beer or two in the future.

If you’re getting married and looking for a Stationers Hall wedding photographer or someone with experience in photographing gay weddings, please get in touch. Here is a small selection of the photos.

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