So You Think You Know How To Party?


I guarantee you haven’t seen a wedding like this before.

You know how some couples say “We like to do things differently” but you just know that deep down they’re as mainstream as the rest of us?

Trevor & Helen actually really honestly like to do things differently.

Completely unique wedding venue? Yes.

Ostriches? Yes.

Dinosaurs? Yes.

Panning for gold? Yes.

Purple wedding dress? Yes.

Giant inflatable penis costumes? Double yes.

An Underground Wedding at Dan Yr Ogof

Helen & Trevor were married underground in the Dan Yr Ogof cave system at the National Showcaves Centre for Wales. Located in the Brecon Beacons, we braved fields of angry ostriches, dinosaur-infested forests, climbed a very steep hill before traveling down a huge cave passageway decorated with thousands of delicate stalactites to reach the Cathedral Cave. Waterfalls crashed down around us, soaking the wedding guests. Eerie underground lakes surrounded the wedding ceremony, dimly illuminated by orange tungsten lights.

To say this was a stern test of my photography equipment & skills would be an understatement! It was DARK down there! We only had a few minutes after the ceremony to grab some underground portraits before the caves were reopened to the public. It was a real test of my abilities- the roaring waterfalls made for an amazing backdrop for some flash-lit silhouettes, although it was extremely difficult in the slippery conditions.

An incredible experience; I loved it!

Giant Inflatable Phallus Dancing; Now There’s a Heading

I told you you wouldn’t have seen a wedding like this. My brides & grooms don’t usually go for the giant penis look for the first dance, but Helen & Trevor are completely free spirits and this is exactly the type of thing they love; they have a really wicked sense of humour and a two-fingered-salute to tradition.

After the wedding ceremony concluded at the National Showcaves, it was back to the Brecon Tap for pints, pies, and other things beginning with ‘p’ 🙂

It was so cool being with wedding guests who knew how to enjoy themselves. A huge contingent of the couple’s friends work in the beer festival industry, and they know how to have a pint!

Your Brecon Beacon Wedding Photographer

Helen & Trevor are an amazing couple with a unique style. Their day was truly individual and all about them, their friends and their family. It was unlike any wedding I’d ever been a part of and I feel truly honoured to have been along for such a wild ride.

I’ve chosen a bunch of photos from this fun-filled Cave Wedding in Brecon. I’d love to hear your thoughts (how do you like the first dance?!) and any questions are welcome!

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