Sefton Palm House Wedding Photography in Liverpool

July 3, 2017

Looking For Awesome Sefton Palm House Wedding Photos?

Natural & Relaxed Wedding Photography at an Amazing Liverpool Venue

Sefton Palm House is one of my favourite wedding venues to photograph in. It’s a unique venue that easily made my top 10 list of Liverpool wedding venues.

The Palm House is basically a giant Victorian greenhouse that serves as a wedding venue. Think tropical heat, exotic flora & candlelit fine-dining. A really unique venue for any wedding and one which is incredibly fun to photograph. That fab glass dome lets in so much light there’s just no need for complicated lighting setups (or any lights at all, actually) and lets me shoot in an awesome no-fuss style. All I have to worry about is capturing the moments!

Ten Bridesmaids at the Palm House

The bride & groom had their wedding ceremony beneath that wonderful glass dome. Charlotte had ten unofficial (but still official, if you know what I mean!) bridesmaids, all individually styled yet still looking beautifully coordinated; no easy task!

The bride wore a Justin Alexander wedding dress paired with a pair of sparkling Jimmy Choos.

One of the best men, Jack, held the wedding rings while the bride & groom exchanged their vows, watched by a huge gathering of their family & friends.

Charlotte & Simon’s daughter Lily had the very important task of being the flower girl. So many of my favourite moments of the wedding day revolved her antics! Getting her hair done after waking up from a nap, hugging Simon at the end of the aisle, running away after the ceremony, the faces pulled during the wedding breakfast speeches; pure wedding photography gold!

Some Amazing Palm House Facts I Read on a Beer Mat

Following the nuptials, the wedding guests enjoyed the hospitality of the Palm House with cocktails & canapés beneath the summer sun. I love photographing the natural interactions between people.

The great thing about a wedding at the Palm House is the weather doesn’t matter; it’s always warm, it’s always bright, and the backdrop of tropical plants and Victorian ironwork looks magnificent from every angle.

While Charlotte & Simon enjoyed their wedding breakfast, I had a wander around and read some interesting facts I found printed on novelty beer mats. First opened in 1896, it measures 25m high and has a base of red granite all the way from the Isle of Mull. If that doesn’t impress you, how about the 3,710 flat panes of glass, all individually cut?

Yes, I’m now a fountain of knowledge. Beer never fails.

Wedding Speeches In a Tropical Paradise

A real highlight for me was the wedding speeches. The speakers looked so cool with the tropical plants in the background like the wedding was being held in a rainforest!

The groom probably wished he WAS in a faraway rainforest after his brother started the best man’s speech. He was merciless. The best man then got Simon up to perform an impromptu drum & bass set, wearing a crown as part of his superstar DJ attire.

The guests loved it!

It was a pleasure to photograph Charlotte & Simon on their wedding day. They were keen to enjoy their day with a minimum of photo fuss, unposed and natural as possible. Just the way I like to work!

77 Awesome Sefton Palm House Liverpool Wedding Photos

I’ve selected 77 photos to show off this gorgeous wedding day at the Palm House. I work in an unobtrusive style, just perfect for couples who might be a little camera-shy but still want incredible memories to look back on.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my work. I’d love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below the photographs!

No words – just wow!!!!!  Cannot thank you enough – just incredible. From a teary Charlotte and Simon! X

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Sefton Palm House Wedding Photography in Liverpool by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher


Absolutely stunning set of images!! I’m in awe. Totally love them 🙂

Thank you so much Karen! Cheers for commenting 🙂

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Wow mate, an absolutely incredible set of images. This is how documentary photography should be done, love it!

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RIDICULOUSLY awesome! Such an incredible venue! You’ve totally nailed it out of the park! (Pun intended) xx

Thank you so much Toni!

Stunning as always! What a beautiful venue!

Splendid and awesome clicks.

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Thanks so much Adam! Appreciated 🙂 Hope the season is going well for you!