Looking For Sefton Palm House Wedding Photos?

Ever dreamed of getting married beneath tropical plants and palms, but didn’t want the hassle of a destination wedding? Sefton Palm House in Liverpool is a Victorian-era glass-paned orangery that might be the wedding venue you’ve been looking for!  

Sefton Palm House is one of my favourite wedding venues to photograph. It’s a unique venue that made my top 10 list of Liverpool wedding venues.

I've worked all over Liverpool and throughout the UK as an award-winning wedding photographer and the Palm House in Sefton Park is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Natural & Relaxed Photography at this Period Liverpool Wedding Venue

I've put together this gallery from a few different weddings to show off this gorgeous Liverpool wedding venue. I work in an unobtrusive style, perfect for couples who might be a little camera-shy but still want incredible memories to look back on.

The exterior of the Sefton Palm House In Liverpool
arched glass entrance of the palm house

The Palm House is a beautiful Grade II listed building that could be one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Liverpool, if not the country. Think tropical warmth, exotic flora & candlelit fine dining. It’s a unique venue that’s so stunning to photograph. The natural light is incredible and fills the whole space.

red botanicals inside Liverpool palm house
laughing wedding guest with red hair

It’s not just a venue for the reception either; they are fully licensed to hold wedding ceremonies beneath that wonderful glass dome. Imagine arriving at this gorgeous location with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, ready to see your smiling guests for a ceremony under the Victorian ironwork!

The Palm House has four porches which have fine wrought iron gates depicting a swan, a lion, flowers, and an eagle. 

bridesmaids arriving by wedding cars
bride steps out of wedding car
vintage styled bride arriving at the palm house
wedding guest running towards group of bridesmaids
lots of bridesmaids greeting a pageboy

The interior of the Palm House can be dressed as you like, with as little or as much additional decor as you fancy. There's plenty of space for every kind of wedding inspiration. Or just leave it as is, with your wedding guests enjoying the 20 varieties of palms, as well as jasmine, orange & red Cannas, Angel's Trumpet, orchids, and more. 

groom holds flower girl
inside the Sefton palm house as groom waits to get married
groom stands and laughs with his groomsmen
page boys walking up aisle
two flower girls holding hands
groom crouches to hug a young flower girl
father of the bride and bride linking arms
bride and dad walking up aisle

I love photographing weddings at the Sefton Palm House, there's so much space around the ceremony area. It's easy to quietly change positions without getting in the way or drawing attention to myself.

bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony
bride and groom smiling at each other
wedding guests watching the bride and groom
wedding guests cheering the first kiss

Following the ceremony, your wedding guests can enjoy the hospitality of the Palm House with cocktails & canapés beneath tropical plants. I love photographing the natural interactions between guests, nothing staged, nothing faked.

wedding guest holding and kissing her child
flower girl with huge smile
bridesmaids laughing at flower girls antics
three wedding guests taking a selfie
wedding guest cringing
wedding guest with pint of beer

The great thing about a wedding at the Palm House is the weather doesn’t matter; it’s always warm, it’s always bright, and the backdrop of tropical plants and Victorian ironwork looks beautiful from every angle. Winter and summer weddings will look equally stunning.

As your Sefton Palm House wedding photographer, we’ll make best use of all the lush botanicals, inside and out. It’s going to look gorgeous whatever the weather. 

bride and groom holding hands near flowers
bride and groom sitting on bench in the palm house
natural and relaxed bride and groom portrait
bride and groom outside Sefton palm house

The Palm House makes such a beautiful backdrop for natural & relaxed wedding photos. 

bride and groom in front of palm house
groom kissing bride on forehead
bride and groom silhouette under trees

First opened in 1896, the palm House measures 25m high and has a base of red granite all the way from the Isle of Mull. It has been beautifully restored over the last decades by a dedicated team of conservationists. If that doesn’t impress you, how about the 3,710 flat panes of glass, all individually cut? Yes, I’m a fountain of knowledge.

The ‘great conservatory’ was a gift from Henry Yates Thompson, the nephew of the founder of Princes Park.

With its exotic plants and towering presence, the palm House became the centrepiece of Sefton Park. It was damaged by a bomb blast during the Blitz and reglazed in the 1950s, before being caught in a spiral of decline and closing in the 1980s. After a local public campaign, the beautiful landmark was fully restored in 2001 with £3.5m of Heritage Lottery Funding. Fantastic!

beautiful palm trees inside victorian orangery

The traditional flourishes of the wedding day look so much more interesting in the Palm House. A real highlight are the wedding speeches. The speakers look so cool with the tropical plants in the background, like the wedding was being held in a rainforest! Your guests will love it.

wedding guests sat around tables
lots of wedding guests seated inside the Liverpool palm house

Depending on the time of year, you can get incredible light during the speeches at the Palm House. 

bride looking at groom as he makes speech
father of bride's speech
bride caught in shaft of sunlight
guests cheering glasses near bride and groom

The Sefton Palm House in Liverpool is a fabulous space for your evening reception too. You could use uplighters, fairy lights, lanterns, or just the venue's own subtle lighting to create the perfect dance floor mood. The Palm House even has its own stage area for your band or DJ. Your first dance will look like no other!

evening reception scene at the Sefton Palm House
bride and groom having their first dance
wedding guest with face painted like a tiger
night time lighting inside the palm house as band plays on stage
wedding guests dancing under paper lanterns
The exterior of the Sefton Palm House in Liverpool at night

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out my work. I’d love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment below the photographs.

Planning your own wedding at the Palm House in Liverpool? For relaxed and creative wedding photography, please get in touch; I’d love to create something special for you.

If you're looking for more details on hiring the Palm House in Sefton Park, please visit the venue's website for full booking information. It's an incredibly popular venue so I'd advise getting in touch sooner rather than later!

Sefton Palm House Wedding Photography in Liverpool by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher

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