Liverpool’s Coolest Wedding Venue

Oh Me Oh My is one of the coolest wedding venue’s in Liverpool. It must be, I’ve been there four times and I know cool (no laughing at the back please). It’s an exceptional venue for a wedding, and easily lives up to its moniker “A Secret Space”. Casual, creative, laid-back and totally unique, it’s the type of venue that lets you be you. The award-winning team behind the scenes work tirelessly to make your wedding vision a reality. Hidden in West Africa House on Water Street, Oh Me Oh My lies under the shadow of the Three Graces on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront and is a photographer’s dream. Oh Me Oh My indeed!

Humanist Ceremony at Blackburne House

Wedding photography is more than just a business to me. It is a celebration of who I am as a person, and a way to help loving couples of all kinds to celebrate who they are becoming, together. When Jen & Martin told me they were planning a humanist wedding ceremony in Liverpool city centre, I was intrigued. I’d never really heard of such a thing before, but I’m always thrilled with new wedding experiences.

Blackburne House was the location for the ceremony, a grand building just off Hope Street at the bohemian end of town.

The lovely Maxine Beech was the celebrant for the ceremony and really helped me understand the process. My favourite part was when the wedding rings were ‘warmed’- passed from guest to guest for them to hold and imbue with a wish, blessing or prayer for the marriage.

I think that this is a fantastic event for couples who might not want a religious ceremony but want to consider the beliefs of their loved ones. The ring warming let everyone bring their own beliefs into the ceremony in a private but meaningful way.

Scratch that, my actual favourite part was hearing the comments read out by the guests, almost an informal ‘roasting’ of the couple, especially when Jen heard some of the comments Martin had written; you can see the reaction on her face a little further down the page.

Oh Me Oh My Wedding Reception

Oh Me Oh My is perfectly situated in the heart of Liverpool city centre, a stone’s throw from some of the greatest architecture the world has ever seen. I may be slightly biased as it’s my city, but a World Heritage Site status doesn’t lie!

Once the wedding breakfast and speeches were finished, the bride and groom were keen to get some creative night portraits. Using off camera flash and a wide, wide angle lens, I used the Cunard Building as a mighty impressive backdrop for some cool imagery.

It was then back to the wedding reception and the dancing. An absolute belter of a wedding. Thanks to Jen & Martin for having me along, it was epic!

What a location for a Liverpool wedding! If you’re planning your own wedding, humanist or otherwise, I’d love you to get in touch.


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