A Wonderful Welsh Wedding

My first Nant Gwrtheyrn wedding in Wales and what an absolute corker it was! The season of summer madness is upon us (photographers around the country are working day & night editing all these beautiful weddings and single-handedly keeping Nescafe in business) but I simply had to share this Nant Gwrtheyrn Wedding Photography with you. I might have to start calling myself a Welsh wedding photographer as I’m there so often, with another five trips already planned for 2017 ! When you get scenery as good as this, you really can’t complain. What a stunning backdrop for a natural, relaxed wedding. Bliss!

Steph & Tom are such a cool couple & we hit it off straight away (I like to think so, anyway). I had a simple remit; photograph the day as it unfolded, with as much unstaged fun & love & laughter as possible. Right up my alley!

I knew this was going to be a cracker of a wedding as soon as I arrived. What wedding day would be complete without the groom & his friends leaping into the freezing sea at the crack of dawn? That’s exactly what Tom did. Rather him than me, I’ll be honest. I nearly caught frostbite just watching.

A quick sprint back up the hill (turning into a slow jog, finally to a wheezing crawl) & I was ready to see the girls. Steph, her sister Charlotte & bridesmaids got ready in slightly less dramatic fashion, in a regular cottage (no icy ocean waves involved).

Sadly, Steph’s mum is no longer with us & it was a poignant moment when Charlotte gave Steph a ‘letter from Heaven’ with a small angel to sew into her dress. It’s these moments that need to happen without me getting involved, shooting as discreetly as possible. The obvious deep affection between the sisters is something I hope my own daughters grow up to experience!

After revealing her gorgeous bespoke two-piece wedding dress (bang on trend) to her dad, it was off to St Beuno’s Church to get married. Even though the church is old, Welsh & extremely photogenic, even better was the full Welsh choir inside, belting out the hymns to the delight of the guests.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking. If you are interested in booking me for your own Nant Gwrtheyrn Wedding, please get in touch. Learn more about my creative documentary style here. Enjoy!

Nant Gwrtheyrn Wedding Photography in Wales by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher

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