I photographed an incredible engagement in the ancient city of Marrakech, Morocco.

I’ve been all over the world on my photography & family adventures, but nothing prepared me for the sense-slapping riot of chaos, culture, and hidden beauty of this place.

Engagement Photos in Marrakech

Sarah & Davin are from Singapore. Together we explored the famous Medina in the heart of Marrakech for their engagement photos.

We'd never met before the engagement session. None of us had even been to Marrakech before.

This gorgeous couple was so lovely and so trusting of my vision, they flew me all the way from the UK just to take their pictures for the day!

I always feel humbled working at any wedding, but this was an enormous amount of trust and I'm so grateful to Sarah & Davin for bringing me along on this adventure.

Photographing in The Medina

The sights & sounds of the Medina are hard to describe. The streets teem with life. Maps are useless. Pedestrians don't have right of way; watch your back as scooters fly past your legs, spewing two-stroke exhaust and vying for position with people, cycles & donkeys.

It's a giant market with no rules. The souks are as compelling as they are unnerving. The maze of shops sell everything from lamps to rugs to the latest electronic goods. The stucco walls are lined with intense-smelling spices. Amiable Berbers call to you from their stalls and offer sweet mint tea. You can't help being enchanted with the fusion of old and modern, the piercing calls to prayer, the secret routes and hidden masterpieces of Islamic architecture.

OK, at first it feels like everyone wants to hustle you. You might be told the street is closed to non-Muslims; a helpful guide will show you a new path for a few dirhams. Eventually, it becomes second nature to ignore the more pushy citizens. Just smile, nod, and keep walking!

The Medina of Marrakech is an intense experience. Keep your wits about you, go with an open mind and a respectful attitude and you'll be fine.

And a huge thanks to Steven Rooney for flying to Morocco with me and being my wingman for a few days. Love ya bro!

Locations we visited in Marrakech

L'Oriental Hotel & Spa

La Jardin Marjorelle

The Secret Garden

El Badi Palace

Bahia Palace

I hope you enjoy the photos, and get in touch if you'd like to whisk me away to another exotic location for your own engagement! 🙂

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