I've put together a small blog of 40 photos to tell the story of this Cheshire wedding day. I hope you enjoy it!

Worried it might rain on your wedding day? I hope after seeing Sarah & Ric's wet wedding in Cheshire, the British weather no longer holds any fear for you.

I received a wonderful email from Sarah's Dad Jonathan which prompted me to create this blog tonight.

I just wanted to say how delighted we are with them. They are fantastic and exactly what Gill and I wanted when we got married over 30 years ago. Unfortuntely it wasn’t possible to get photographers to do ad hoc reportage type pictures, it was all posed formal stuff, which is not what we wanted.

The images you captured were exactly what I’d have hoped for and I know that Sarah is delighted as well. They made me both very emotional and laugh at times! ...The outside night time shots of the two of them are spellbinding.

I could go on but just wanted to say a big thank you and express the hope that you maintain the freshness and creative thinking in your work so that others can have the same pleasure we have had from looking at your photographs.

Father of the Bride

It's impossible for me to top that so I'll just say what a pleasure it was to photograph this marquee wedding in Cheshire. The bride & groom are a wonderful couple and made me feel like part of their family for the day.

If you're planning your own Cheshire wedding, please get in touch. I'd love to be there for you.

Thank you for having me along!

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