Thrilled to be awarded not one, not two, but THREE winners in the latest ‘Photographers Keeping It Real’ awards!

It’s always a weird delight when I receive such lovely recognition. 

Delightful that I’ve actually won awards against such great competition (honestly, go and check out the quality of winners; an incredible display).

And a little weird that the actual professionals doing the judging think my work is worthy of recognition. Yikes.

Photographers Keeping It Real is a real breath of fresh air in the wedding community. They’re all about REAL images and REAL moments, without posing.

From their website: “We created the Keeping It Real Awards to celebrate the very best in documentary-style wedding photography.”

I’m a huge fan of this approach.

Nothing beats capturing a precise moment when the cosmic clockwork has aligned JUST SO, and knowing it will never quite happen the same way again.

Long may the movement towards wedding authenticity continue!  

The quality of their membership speaks for itself. It’s very, very humbling to be in the same paddock with world-class photographers like Andrew Billington, David Stubbs, David Scholes & Aleks Kus.

Thanks so much!

Here’s what they said about me:

“Andrew Keher really ‘hoovered up’ a load of awards over the last 12 months and it’s clear to see why… it’s because his photography is FAR better than our puns!”

You’ll understand the hoover reference when you see the winning photograph.

Here are my three winners:

bride getting ready with dad flower girl tantrum lying on floor bride and groom lifted by guests on dance floor

The hilarious flower girl throwing a pre-wedding tantrum (literally 3 minutes before the ceremony) is from the wedding of Stacey & Colin at the Saddleworth Hotel.

The dress being hoovered/steamed and the wild dance floor are from Amy & Paul’s wedding at Great John Street- coming soon to the blog!

Thanks for visiting!

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