I photographed an incredible, fun-filled Jewish wedding day at the Midland Hotel in Manchester.

It was an astonishing experience.

The energy, passion, and traditions of a big Jewish wedding celebration are awesome to see.

I’m grateful to Alex & Josh for hiring me to capture their wedding day at one of Manchester’s finest hotels.

Thank you for inviting me, for letting me spend time with your families, and for trusting me to photograph in my own “special” way! Not only are the bride & groom great people but their families are fantastic too. When you feel so accepted & trusted by your couple, photography always seems to run a little bit smoother.

Fun-filled Jewish Wedding Photographs

Working with Steven Rooney as my second shooter, we snapped some wonderful memories.

It was tough keeping the blog to a manageable size. I could easily have posted a couple of hundred photos or more.

It feels like something special is happening every second of a Jewish wedding. There is so much laughter, singing, dancing, and hugging. It makes being a Jewish wedding photographer a wild ride!

There isn’t a moment of rest all day. From the raucous Israeli dancing to the traditional Birkat Hamazon at the end of the meal, there’s always something meaningful or fun going on.

Alex has a word of advice for other Jewish brides which beautifully sums up the experience: “Hydrate and wear trainers! There’s a whole lot of dancing!”

Your Midland Hotel Wedding Photographer

The Midland Hotel makes such a fabulous wedding venue! It’s one of the best hotels in Manchester. Alex says:

“The Midland Hotel was one of the first venues we saw together. I’ve been going past it for years and have always looked in wonder at the beauty of the building. The Trafford Suite has a regal quality to it, not to mention the deliciously-smelling lobby area! It was the perfect place to celebrate our wedding.”

It’s not hard to see why Alex fell in love with the venue.

Located in the heart of Manchester, The Midland Hotel is a grade II listed building over a hundred years old. One of the best-looking buildings in Manchester with a unique Edwardian Baroque style; the perfect backdrop for a city-centre wedding.

As a photographer of Jewish weddings in Manchester, I love getting to work at such epic wedding venues!

The Veiling Ceremony

Alex told me she had so many favourite parts to her wedding, it was tough to choose one!

She mentions the Veiling Ceremony (Badeken) as a pretty special moment.

“Josh and I hadn’t seen each other for a few days, so watching him walk in and only seeing him amongst a sea of our friends and family was magical!” 

The men proceed from the groom’s Tisch to the bride’s ‘throne’. This merging signals the beginning of the wedding celebration. The groom, the rabbi, the fathers, and the whole entourage proceed to the bride (flanked by both mums) for the veiling ceremony.

The groom places the veil over the bride’s face and recites a special blessing. The parents of the couple also extend words of hope and prayer.

It’s a lovely moment!

A Wedding Meal to Remember

At a Jewish wedding, the meal isn’t just a time to sit down and eat; it’s a joyous feast, punctuated by exciting music and dancing in accordance with Jewish tradition.

When Alex & Josh left the yihud room and stormed into the Midland Hotel’s banquet hall, they were greeted by a confetti explosion and quickly raised up on chairs by their friends.

The guests danced around them as music from the live band boomed out.

It was absolutely awesome!

The day finished for me at midnight; soaked in sweat, ears ringing, a painful trigger-finger, red-hot cameras, surrounded by happy guests- and a pair of overjoyed (but knackered) newlyweds.

I can’t wait for my next Jewish wedding!

If you’re planning your own Midland Hotel wedding and you like my style of photography, please get in touch via my contact page.

I’m based in Liverpool and there are no extra charges for Manchester weddings.

Thanks for looking!


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