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Epic Vows: A Majestic Iceland Elopement in the Mountains
Destination WeddingsICELAND ELOPEMENT // ANNA & JACK

Epic Vows: A Majestic Iceland Elopement in the Mountains

Destination Weddings

Day 1: The Wedding


Anna & Jack eloped to Iceland; proper eloped, just the two of them, me, and my cameras. They were a pair of adventurous souls, eager to marry in a place extra special: up a mountain, where no one had been married before. This was going to be anything but ordinary.

Our first order of business was meeting up in Reykjavík for coffee and a wander around, killing time as our flight had been delayed due to severe wind. Did I mention? We were going up in a helicopter. My first time!

Anna drove us to the airport. Jack was buzzing with excitement. I was a tiny bit nervous.

After the pre-flight safety briefing (‘don’t open the door when we’re in the air’), we faced the moment of truth: the helicopter blades began to spin. My heart was doing a salsa (or an equivalent Icelandic folk dance) – excitement mixed with a dash of ‘are we really doing this?’ Ziggy, the official Icelandic wedding celebrant, looking like he’d stepped right out of a fashion magazine in his gold-patterned blazer (and four insulating layers), flashed a grin that seemed to say, ‘This is going to be epic. And stop being a wimp.’

Soaring above Iceland, it hit me – this place is like a planet of its own. It’s a cold, alien landscape. The pilot seemed to think we were in an action movie, treating us to some fancy flying around a glacier that had my knuckles white on my camera.

Landing on that mountain, it was like nature hit the mute button. The wind from Reykjavík was a world away. There we were, in this snow-drenched wonderland, silent except for the crunch of our steps and the distant crack of slumbering glaciers. Anna and Jack, looking like rock stars in their painted leather jackets, were in their element.

Their vows? No grand speeches, just real words echoing in the mountain stillness. It was raw, it was beautiful, and for a moment, the world was just theirs. As their photographer, I was there to capture it all. In that place, the moments just imprint on your soul.

On the way back, we spotted a waterfall hidden from the world, only accessible by air. The pilot took us down and we spent a few minutes enjoying the views, still basking in what we’d all just been part of a little while earlier.

Coming back down to earth, literally and figuratively, it felt like we’d all shared something extraordinary. Anna and Jack had just begun their forever adventure, and me? I got a story I’ll be telling for years – about the time I conquered my fear of flying and witnessed love at the top of the world. If you’re thinking of running away to Iceland to tie the knot, give me a shout. I’m game for more adventures – and I promise, I’m much braver now!

Supplier Love

Icelandic Celebrant: Ziggy

Dress: Lucy Can’t Dance

Hand-painted jackets: Paint Babe

Flowers: Florence and Flowers

Helicopter: Glacier Heli Iceland

Jack’s Magnificent Jeans: Abercrombie

(Keep scrolling to see what we got up to on day 2 of this incredible elopement)



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