A wedding at the Hope Street Hotel

When Jen & Neil first told me about their Hope Street Hotel wedding, I was so excited. They were planning the most relaxed & lovely celebration at a very cool Liverpool wedding venue. They were such a lovely couple, and just chatting about their plans I knew the wedding at the Hope Street Hotel was going to be extra special.

After the wedding, the groom said it best: “I didn’t think I’d be so amazed by the photos (no offence) but they really are bloody fantastic!”

No offence taken, Neil!

One of Liverpool’s trendiest wedding venues

The Hope Street Hotel can be found in the heart of Liverpool. The famous street itself was awarded “Best Street in the UK” and it’s not hard to see why. Two cathedrals, a concert hall, a theatre, achingly trendy bars and bistros and even the occasional surprise performance by a Beatle! It’s an eclectic, bohemian mix that’s impossible to replicate; a real melting pot of cultures. A fitting address for a wedding venue that was named one of the world’s coolest hotels. It’s no wonder I get excited whenever I photograph a wedding here!

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Duplex penthouse bridal suite

I rocked up to the Hope Street Hotel on the morning of the wedding. Jen got ready in the penthouse suite, a gorgeous space spread over two floors with a balcony. It was buzzing as Jen had her three bridesmaids and both Mums there too. The duplex bridal suite is a gorgeous space for bridal preparations, although it was a little warm; the sun was cracking the flags and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The bride had to step onto the balcony to cool down. Nerves? Maybe 🙂

Once her hair & makeup were finished and the wedding dress was on, I shot downstairs to see the boys.

Stunning views of the Liverpool skyline

Neil and his groomsmen were loitering in the light & airy ceremony room. The room is called “The Fifth”, because it’s on the fifth floor. Trendy venues can get away with that kind of thing. A beautiful space for any kind of wedding service, the Fifth at the Hope Street Hotel has floor-to-ceiling windows and its own private balcony. The guests had a wonderful view of the famous Liverpool skyline. I photographed the guests beginning to arrive. The Groom greeted his friends & family with a beaming smile. Neil didn’t appear overly nervous although he did begin to pace the room slightly towards the end.

The Fifth at Hope Street was soon full of excited guests, and it was time to get married!

Bride and groom photos on Hope Street

Following the lovely ceremony, our bride and groom fancied a stroll outside the hotel to get a some photographs of their first few minutes together as a newly married couple. I love the hustle & bustle of Hope Street with all the locals and tourists wandering around, so I simply let the crowds envelop the newlyweds while I snapped away!

I love this style of wedding photography; as unposed and as real as you can get. Many photographers might have looked for a quieter spot but I wanted to incorporate as much city life as possible. After all, this was a city centre wedding at a boutique hotel, not a country estate in the middle of nowhere! The Deliveroo cyclist racing past the couple was a happy bonus.

Wedding reception in the Residents Lounge

The Hope Street Hotel is just perfect for an urbane city wedding. Not only does it have airy Fifth for the wedding breakfast, the stunning views across the city of Liverpool, and the private balconies for guests to sun themselves, it has the Residents Lounge in the basement for when the party really takes off. All sexy lighting, leather couches and grand pianos, the Residents Lounge was the perfect evening retreat for the bride and groom and their wedding guests.

It was a great end to the day. My favourite photograph from the day was a completely unplanned one. The groom was finishing a cigar and came walking down some steps leading to a balcony. Looking up at him, the angles of the stairs and walls against the cloudless sky were just fabulous; I fired a few quick frames and ended up with one of my best compositions. A real wedding moment!

My own engagement at the Hope Street Hotel!

Seven years ago I first visited the Hope Street Hotel for a very special reason, and it wasn’t to photograph somebody else’s wedding! I used Liverpool’s trendiest hotel to propose to my girlfriend Lucy. I hid lots of flowers in one of the best rooms, sneaked the gorgeous lady upstairs under false pretences, and got down on one knee to propose. She said yes! And here we are years later, married, in love, with twins, and still with a special place in our hearts for the Hope Street Hotel. An awesome memory. Altogether now- awwwwwwwww 🙂

Planning your own Liverpool Wedding?

I’m thrilled to share this Liverpool wedding with you today. Having worked at some of Merseyside’s top wedding venues, I’d love to hear from you if you are planning your own celebration in the city. Get in touch through my contact page or give me call on 07481 804367, I’m always happy to chat!

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