Fearless Award #3

April 23, 2019

I picked up my third Fearless Award in the latest collection!

Fearless Photographers is my favourite photography community.

“We bring together fearless couples and passionate professional photographers from around the world.”

Every two months they release an incredible set of wedding photos from the very best photographers from around the world. Of all the thousands of entries, less than 2% garner enough points to be judged worthy of a “Fearless Award”.

It’s a tough competition and I’m absolutely buzzing to have picked up my third winner!

You can check out the full winning gallery here.

This frame was taken at a wedding in Oxford. The bride & groom were keen to incorporate university architecture into their photographs. As soon as I saw this magnificent building all covered in white scaffolding, I knew I could turn the slightly cliched idea of a “posed couple with pretty building in the background” on its head.

The crowds walking past just add to the surreal quality; the couple are in their own space, as the rest of the world keeps spinning!

I look forward to sharing the full story of this incredible day soon.



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