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An Elegant Destination Wedding in Normandy
Destination WeddingsChâteau De Courtomer // Elizabeth & Matthew

An Elegant Destination Wedding in Normandy

Destination Weddings

Elizabeth & Matthew’s Château De Courtomer Love Affair

From across the ocean they came. Elizabeth. Matthew. America to Normandy. Love led the way. The setting? Château de Courtomer. Not just a location, but a witness to their love.

Elizabeth’s words, “I’ll never express enough how wonderful you’ve been from day one…” They touch the soul. Why? It’s more than a job. It’s passion and a reminder of the joy and privilege of capturing these precious moments.

Blending Artistry and Elegance

When Elizabeth and Matthew began their search for a wedding photographer, they had a clear vision in mind. They sought something specific. Not just photos. Memories. Art. Candid. Timeless. Their desire? Blend into the crowd, but stand out in the memories. My style – strong in composition, rich in elegance – was their pick. It’s about the moments. A glance. A laugh. Freezing them in time.

It’s always a joy to work with couples who value the artistry behind photography as much as the memories it captures.

And this Château is no stranger to my lens. For another glimpse into its beauty, see Ailsa and Kevin’s wedding story here.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

Every wedding is a culmination of countless hours of planning, this one no exception. Sofia, the wedding planner, was the unsung hero of the day. Her meticulous attention to detail ensured that every element the couple had envisioned came to life seamlessly. From coordinating with suppliers to ensuring the day’s smooth flow, Sofia’s expertise was evident. Coordination, perfection, dedication. She made the dreams real.

It’s a pleasure to work alongside professionals who share the same passion and dedication. The full team behind the wedding, go and show them love:

Love’s Grand Journey

Their story? Epic. America to France. A blend of traditions, histories, families. All merging under the Château’s watchful eyes. The Château de Courtomer, with its rich history and timeless beauty, was the perfect backdrop for their transatlantic love story.

A thank you to Elizabeth, Matthew, families: Your journey. Your trust. Privileged to be part of it.

For those considering a destination wedding in the heart of France or elsewhere, I’m here to help bring your vision to life. Every love story is unique, and I’m honoured to help tell yours.


Planning a Destination Wedding in Normandy

Imagine: old chateaus standing time’s test, windswept beaches, sunlight filtering through ancient apple orchards. Normandy. Where every cobblestone tells tales of yesteryears, and every corner, a potential backdrop to frame your love.

It’s the canvas. Both timeless and timely. Classic, yet modern. Picture it: Walking down the aisle in a centuries-old church, indie music echoing off its walls. That blend? The intricate dance of traditions and today. It’s like capturing black and white moments in a world of color.

Now, the moments. The quick, heartbeat-skipping ones. A bridesmaid’s laughter. A father’s teary gaze. A flower girl’s shy smile. The slow first dance; every stolen kiss. These aren’t mere moments, they’re memories.

Then there’s the cuisine. A symphony of flavors. From creamy Camembert to fresh oysters, each bite weaves tales of lands and hands that crafted them. A true feast for senses. And for the soul.

A destination wedding? A beautiful puzzle. Every piece fitting in its unique way. Logistics. Customs. Moments. The challenge is real. But the reward? Even more so.

Why Normandy? Because ordinary won’t do for you. You, the one seeing art in every shadow, poetry in every gesture. Normandy isn’t just a location. It’s an experience, an inspiration. A realm where every frame tells a story, and each tale is distinct.

And who’s there, at the heart of it all? Me, with my camera. Not merely capturing, but crafting stories. Your story. A visual anthology of joy, emotion, beauty. Every look, every touch, frozen in time.

Countless weddings, countless tales. Yet, every love story stands alone. Unique. Just like Normandy. It beckons, offering settings as vivid and varied as your emotions.

So, when you choose this historic region, remember: Your love story deserves more than just photos. It deserves a legacy. A chronicle that future generations will hold dear.

Choose Normandy. Choose art.

I’d love to be there for you.

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