A Festival Wedding at Drybeck Farm in the Lakes

Hannah & Pete always wanted to get married outside. They’re super outdoorsy and love nature! With Pete being a musician and the couple loving a good festival, it made perfect sense to throw a festival wedding! But not just any wedding festival: this was WEDSTOCK 19.

What could be better than a wedding with a weekend-long party with all your mates?

Drybeck farm is a gorgeous eco-friendly alternative & unique venue in the Lake District, absolutely perfect for the type of wedding Hannah & Pete envisioned.

“We chose Drybeck because it’s beautiful and peaceful! Loads of space to make the festival theme feel authentic. We put up bell tents for guests and a main marque for the reception. We loved the riverside location for the ceremony. The venue has that homely & communal feel we wanted and included uniquely-styled accommodation (and hot tubs!) to house our family. The venue is also eco-friendly which is very important to us. It’s got the hippy vibe we go for! Peace ”

It’s Raining on Your Wedding Day… So What?

As usual for the Lake District and music festivals, it started to rain. Family & friends didn’t seem to care, and they sat under umbrellas with huge smiles on their faces throughout the outdoor ceremony! The humanist ceremony seemed even more meaningful as the drops fell. We were treated to an incredible song by Hannah & Pete’s friend, and especially with the atmospheric weather it was one of the most moving things I’ve seen at a wedding ceremony!

Many couples dread the thought of a rainy wedding day but our bride has some words of advice:

“Although it’s important to have a plan B if a rain storm hits, be prepared to go with the flow of what the day brings and DO NOT get too hung up on it being “perfect! Make sure that you spend time enjoying the day with your loved ones.

You are going to get DIRTY and not look “picture perfect” [although in my opinion, I think they both looked awesome in the rain- Andrew] but as we know, English festivals are not glamourous; so be prepared to not be a glamourous bride & groom. Your hair WILL get messy. You WILL get wet. Heels ARE tricky (emergency flip-flops for the win).

Think about getting into a portaloo in your wedding dress!”

How to Plan An Authentic Festival Wedding

I absolutely loved every rainy moment of the day. Hannah & Pete are so cool together, and they really made the festival as authentic as possible. This was NOT a “themed” wedding- this was the real deal! Music was the main part of the weekend, with firepits, homemade dreamcatchers, and proper festival food & drink. They wanted live music all through and scheduled several of their friends to play, and then hired a stonking rock wedding band for the evening party.

Some absolute golden advice from the couple to anyone else brave/mad enough to plan an outdoor festival wedding in the Lakes:

“A homemade wedding festival does take a long time to organise. But if you take it one step at a time and give yourself plenty of time in the build-up, it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Try to save a little money where possible. Our guests were amazing and really mucked in with helping to set up and pack away and helped keep the venue and marquee clean & tidy.

Food for an entire three-day event can be tricky to organise, especially with an isolated venue. To help keep on budget we asked guests to pay for their meals (like a normal festival) and then have the reception meal catered for. We struggled to find a catering company to accommodate our needs, so ended up asking friends to do a BBQ and researching local businesses to see if they could help; we ended up getting a pie and peas man!

Make sure you remember essentials: Toilets, washing facilities, parking, lights, rubbish disposal and a kids’ area- This was a life saver as we had nearly 30 kids all under 5 at our wedding!

You will be exhausted. Festival weddings, like music festivals, are tough going! We were knackered after clearing up on the last day. We went straight on a mini-break from the wedding to sleep and recover. Totally recommended.

Most importantly- enjoy yourself!

It’s your wedding so do what you want to do and have a blast. We had a 90’s rave as part of the weekend and loved every minute!”

Incredible advice to anyone planning their own wedding.

Inspiring Wedding Photography with an EDGE

I’ll end with a glowing review from the couple, because I still go red when people say nice things 🙂

“First of all Andy is amazing.

We wanted a documentary-style photographer with a unique edge. We are both quite creative so photography was important to us. We wanted a photographer that captured the vibe of the wedding, not posey, awkward photos. Andy really delivered on this, and he was so inspiring and enthusiastic on the day which made the photos look relaxed and authentic to us! :)”

I HAVE AN EDGE. Getting married in the Lake District? Head over to my contact page and let’s chat!

And on that note- enjoy the photos!

rain on bridesmaid

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