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Downloading Your Images

It's as easy as peas

Here's a short guide for using the download function in your new wedding gallery! Please feel free to share this page with any family or friends who might want to download the photos too.

Upon opening your gallery, it will look a little something like this:

1. First and most importantly, press 'select photos' in the top right corner. This is the bit most easily missed but the download option only appears once you press the 'select photos' button!

2. Hit 'download'

3. Then you have two options. If you want to download the full gallery (this may involve leaving your computer running for a while with the browser window open), hit 'download entire gallery'.

4. Alternatively if you want to download just a select few photos, instead you just start clicking on the bottom left hand corner of the photos you want so they become ticked, like so:

4. Once you have made your choices, or press all, then you can press the download button in the top right and it will start downloading. You might have to follow a prompt from your browser at that point, pressing save or something, but the instructions should be straightforward from that point out!

If you get stuck at all, just email me on

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