Getting Married in Oxford?


If you’re planning a wedding in Oxford and still haven’t found the perfect venue, the Cherwell Boathouse might just be the dream location! Even more so if you fancy a bit of river punting!

Josh & Adele chose me to be their Oxford wedding photographer. It was my privilege to spend the day with such a wonderful, relaxed, lovely pair of humans 🙂

“We just spent the evening looking through the photos, and they’re AMAZING. The photos really brought us back to that day! We cannot thank you enough for helping to capture one of the most important days of our lives, and for giving us such wonderful photos to go along with the memories. P.S the tequila shots ‘shot’ is incredible)!”

Looking for a Unique Oxford Wedding Venue?

Imagine holding a wedding ceremony in a grand Oxford University chapel then celebrating with a gentle punt along the River Cherwell, surrounded by your friends, family, random ducks, and several dozen bottles of bubbly.

Josh & Adele living the dream!

Getting Married at Keble College Chapel

The bride & groom were both past students at the renowned Keble College in Oxford. They choose to receive a blessing at the amazing Keble College chapel, a masterpiece of gothic style architecture. The unique look wasn’t really appreciated at the time of building but in recent years it’s gained much wider recognition. History, yo.

A Cherwell Boathouse Wedding Reception

Cherwell Boathouse is a wonderful place to celebrate a marriage. It’s one of the best restaurants in Oxford (I can attest to the quality! Yum!) and has various locations to suit different sizes of wedding.

Josh & Adele chose the marquee to host the wedding breakfast before moving downstairs to the Lower Boathouse for the evening reception. This is a more rustic event space actually used to store the punts during winter! No stored punts this time though, just a bouncing dancefloor & a cool bar stocked with tequila 🙂

Punting on the River Cherwell

Speaking of punts (flat-bottomed boats designed for use in small rivers; the punter propels the punt by pushing against the river bed with a pole), it was ridiculous good fun to get out on the river with the wedding guests.

My Sony cameras aren’t quite dive-proof but the river Cherwell was incredibly relaxed, and we all managed to avoid falling in. Quite amazing when you consider the free-flowing champagne and some of the more energetic punters!

Even the bride had a go, and even in her wedding dress Adele managed to keep us going at a very fair pace! It did eventually start to rain but it was then time to head inside the marquee for food & wedding speeches.

Winning a Fearless Award

See that picture up at the top of the page? The one showcasing the finest of scaffold-clad Oxford University architecture?  I was lucky enough to collect a Fearless Award for that one, my third award from (in my opinion) probably the toughest wedding photography contest in the world! Go me!

67 Fun & Relaxed Wedding Photos at the Cherwell Boathouse

I’ve chosen 67 images from this summer wedding at the Cherwell Boathouse in Oxford. Comments welcomed!

If you’re looking for an Oxford wedding photographer who lets you be authentic, please get in touch to check my availability.

Head over to my contact page. I’m up in Merseyside but there are no extra costs for Oxford weddings. 

Hope to hear from you!

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