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Castlefield Rooms Wedding Photography – Ben & James

"James and I have been looking through them non-stop all night, they literally couldn’t be more perfect! You couldn’t have captured the day any better, absolutely stunning!!"

When Ben and James first got in touch with me about their Castlefield Rooms wedding in Manchester, I was so excited – they were planning the most relaxed and stylish wedding with an intimate ceremony, with their closest friends & family in one of the coolest spots in Manchester. These two guys have shown me nothing but love from the start, were probably my most active Instagram followers before we'd even met! Absolutely the sweetest people and I couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding.

The excitement before the wedding

I turned up at the Radisson Blu in Manchester, where the grooms were getting ready together, and it was so chilled out; I love the happy chaos of a big wedding party getting ready but with just the two of them it was lovely & close. Ben wore blue, James wore burgundy, and they looked so dapper. It was my first time photographing a gay wedding and I was so looking forward to celebrating with these two awesome humans! We traveled on foot from the hotel to the Castlefield Rooms and got some really cool urban portraits along the way, making great use of the strong but incredible light.

Getting hitched in the Castlefield Rooms

The wedding took place in the Castlefield Rooms and was a fun, intimate ceremony. I loved how the two grooms entered the ceremony room together, to the delight of the waiting guests! They had some beautiful readings, which brought pretty much everyone to tears. After the ceremony there was a big cheer from everyone, and we headed to the bar. We were up on a balcony overlooking Castlefields, one of the trendiest parts of Manchester. It was blazing hot; sunglasses & cocktails all round!

After the ceremony

It was a sunny, cloudless day, which was everything we could have hoped for. While the guests enjoyed canapes and cocktails, the couple mingled and laughed with their friends. Ben & James have such a great crowd of mates! My favourite photos from the afternoon usually featured Ben's Dad- his smile was infectious. When he made a speech a little later, and expressed his absolute love, pride and support of his son and new son-in-law, I choked up 🙂

It was my honour to be commissioned to photograph this wedding. Ben & James are two wonderful people and make the best of couples. This is the visual story of their wedding day.

If you’re looking for a Castlefield Rooms wedding photographer, please get in touch!


  1. NIgel Childs on September 6, 2018 at 8:33 pm

    The whole day was fantastic. Andy’s images are first class. We hardly knew he was there but he was ultra professional indeed.

  2. Joss Denham on September 8, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    awesome work. love your style.

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