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Burghley House Wedding Photography in Lincolnshire

Burghley House Wedding Photography in Lincolnshire

UK Wedding

A Burghley House Wedding: A Lincolnshire Fairytale

This week, I’m excited to showcase Burghley House in Lincolnshire, a venue that mixes Downton Abbey elegance with a bit of Hogwarts magic.

Pippa and Steve’s held an autumn wedding here, blending the warm, golden light of the season with the estate’s historic charm.


A Global Romance

Capturing Pippa and Steve’s day was unforgettable. Their bond—a mix of English elegance and South African energy—highlighted a celebration rich in culture and heartfelt moments.


Photographic Magic at Burghley House

Dating back to 1555, Burghley House offered endless spots for stunning shots, from its majestic grounds to a striking triple-arched bridge.

Though we aimed to include the local deer in a few shots, it seems my lens was more intimidating than I anticipated, and they constantly legged it—a humorous reminder of the unpredictability of wedding photography.


Moments of Intimacy Amidst Grandeur

The day’s agenda is always bustling, but stealing moments for natural & relaxed portraits of the bride and groom is something I cherish.

As the evening light began to wane, I captured Pippa and Steve in a silhouette against the twilight sky—an image that not only encapsulated their love but also picked up a few awards.

The fusion of their backgrounds, combined with the historic elegance of Burghley House, made their wedding not just a ceremony, but a memorable story I was honoured to capture.



If you’re dreaming of a wedding that feels lifted from the pages of a fairytale, infused with your unique journey, let’s talk.

Here’s to love that knows no borders and weddings that echo with joy and authenticity.


Planning a Burghley House Wedding?