Best of 2018

December 24, 2018


Here’s my 2018 in a 2-minute nutshell. I’ve called it my “Best of” when really it’s just a few of my favourite images.

Wishing everyone a happy & prosperous new year!

2019 LET’S GO!


Absolutely stunning work! Master.

outstanding. so, so good. one of the best in the country as far as I’m concerned 🙂

OUT.OF.THE.PARK!!! Incredible set!

Whao! I think you might have nailed it!

Basilly we can’t be friends any more.

Love love love all of them Andrew! Phenomenal stuff, from a super talented photographer!

These are so amazing ! Every single shot is so so good

Great work! Some absolute stunners in there! Roll on 2019!

Stunning mate. Lovely work. Especially love your use of light and contrast!

Absolutely nailed it! What an incredible collection of images. I loved the slideshow so much that I had to go slowly through the blog post as well. Such a wonderful style and consistency to your images. So glad I came and looked!

Absolutely first class. Love the consistency of your editing.

Blisteringly good Andy. I doff my cap to you.

You nailed it. Our guests (and we) still keep talking about what an amazing job you did capturing every detail of our wedding. Thanks again!

Cracking collection Mr. Keher! You have such a strong style; proper cool! Love the girl drinking through the straw and the make-up-through-the-big-hat capture – so good!

Simply superb mate, what a great year. Fantastic wedding photo after fantastic wedding photo. Loved looking through.