An Athenaeum Liverpool wedding just oozes sophistication & individuality; it’s a venue like no other. A very distinguished city centre wedding venue for a very cool couple on the blog this week!

Mid-December was well and truly upon us when Kady & Mike were married. A chill in the air, frost on the car windscreens & a city centre festooned with fairy lights. Winter is always a challenging time of year for weddings from a photographer’s point of view but it’s one I’ve really begun to relish. The Nikon full-frame cameras I use are fantastic for low-light conditions and really give the confidence to keep on pushing the boundaries well after dark.

The ceremony was held in St Nicholas’ Church, a beautiful church with an amazing, colourful interior! I’ve never seen anything like it, a very pleasant surprise. After that it was off to the city centre to continue the celebrations.

The Athenaeum – A Historical Wedding Venue

The Athenaeum was originally built in the late 1700’s as a respite for Liverpool’s wealthy merchants. The building would house newspapers, periodicals & pamphlets (a pre-internet search engine!) & would allow these important characters to keep up to date with the politics & trade news of the time. It has evolved & even moved site over the last two centuries and now, among its many functions, is licenced for weddings! Lucky for us :

Kady & Mike wanted a wedding without stuffiness or formality, just a great day to enjoy with friends & family with as little hassle as possible. I think we were a good match for each other! I hope you enjoy this small set of Athenaeum Liverpool wedding photos. Thanks for looking!

The Athenaeum Liverpool Wedding Photography in Merseyside by Wedding Photographer Andrew Keher

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