I'm Andrew. I live a few miles north of Liverpool in a town called Formby with my amazing little family; Molly & Megan (twins), Owen (Stepson), and Lucy (my wife).

It's so cool living near the beach; we love going for walks, climbing sand dunes, and looking for squirrels in the pinewoods before crashing out on the sofa to watch a Lord of the Rings movie. 

Lucy and Owen tend to leave the room at that point but the twins love it!

I believe everyone has a story that wants to be told.

For me, my family are my story and every day we write new chapters of life, discovery, and mayhem!

Why Wedding Photography?

Seven years ago I toyed with the idea of doing something ‘cool’ instead of my day job. As a quantity surveyor working in construction, things could get a little dull.

I’ve always thought photography was a ‘cool’ job. What started as a little workshop here, a training session there, quickly snowballed into a full-time award-winning business that takes me around the UK and beyond!

Now instead of staring at spreadsheets, I get to capture mind-blowing images of people celebrating the most incredible day of their lives.

How Am I Different?

You’ve been to weddings before. You’ve seen traditional photographs. They bore you to tears. It’s not you. You don’t want to spend hours away from your guests. You don’t want to stand there with a fake smile for the camera; you’re there to celebrate, to laugh, to cry, to LIVE…not pose!


You still want incredible wedding photographs. You want to show off how amazing your big day was. You want future heirlooms that tell your story, a story your family will love for years to come.

I believe both things are possible.