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Your Wedding Team

Hello! I'm Andrew.

"Dad of twins. Husband who cooks. Stepfather to a teenage gamer. Pratchett lover. Meme obsessed. Rum drinker. Tabletop gamer. Wedding infatuated! Likes Facebook drama a little too much. Known troll. Believes in vaccines. Takes a decent photograph. Christmas is better than Easter. The dress was white & gold.

The word 'nun' is just the letter 'n' doing a cartwheel."

My Family are My World

And we're on this adventure together

I'm Andrew Keher — a multi award-winning Liverpool, UK & International wedding photographer.

I actually live a few miles north of Liverpool in the village of Formby with my amazing little family. Well, not THAT little; my twin girls Molly & Megan arrived six years ago to keep their older brother Owen company.

My wife Lucy is the best grown-up I know. She's kind, intelligent, beautiful and the best mummy our children could wish for.

She also rules the thermostat with an iron fist.

We're so lucky to live near the sea; we love walking along the beach, climbing sand dunes & exploring the famous pinewoods before crashing out on the sofa to watch a Harry Potter movie!

Meet the "Team"


Andrew Keher

Snacks & Cuddles Department

Finder of lost shoes. Tie-tier. Taxi services. Utterly besotted. Wrapped around little fingers 🙂



Unicorn Princess of Power

"It's been raining. There will be worms. I want to help them get back into the mud.

Otherwise they'll die and turn into zombie worms. Or worm angels. And the zombies will have to fight the angels. And fighting is naughty."



The Kind-Hearted

"I can't decide if I want ice-cream or a biscuit. I don't want the one left by itself to be sad and alone.

Shall I just eat both?"



Sleepy Teenager

"Please stop dancing like that. You're embarrassing me. Please stop. Stop it.

Oh God. Not the floss.

This is why I don't invite my school friends home."

Liverpool Weddimg Photo About-1


Tribal Leader & General Goddess

"I'm going to need all of last year's receipts by the end of the week. You have been keeping them safe & organised, haven't you?"

Why wedding photography?

Seven years ago I toyed with the idea of doing something 'cool' instead of my day job. As a quantity surveyor working in construction, things could get a little dull.

I've always thought photography was a 'cool' job. What started as a little workshop here, a training session there, quickly snowballed into a full-time, ass-kicking, award-winning business that takes me around the country and beyond!

Now instead of staring at spreadsheets, I get to capture mind-blowing images of people celebrating the most incredible day of their lives. 

And the best part? No pants Monday...'s a working from home thing.

Creating Awesome Images

Making your mates jealous

You've been to weddings before. You've seen traditional photographs. They bore you to tears. It's not you. You don't want to stand there smiling for the camera. You're not interested in doing ANYTHING for the camera; you're there to celebrate, not pose.


You still want incredible wedding photographs. You want to show off how amazing your big day was. You want future heirlooms your family will love for years to come.

It can be done!

Want to see?

Visit my snazzy wedding portfolio to see what I'm talking about.